slow the F down

my body is screaming. like for real I can hear it mocking me absolutely demanding to be felt. it's that type of pain that makes you crumble mentally and emotionally. okay, let's be real i'm crumbling physically and spiritually right now too. you finally find your drive, your purpose, something that makes you happy and … Continue reading slow the F down


six years

well. here we are, it's currently 1:00 AM and I've just woke up (after taking pain medication and CBD oil mind you)  in excruciating pain literally feeling like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. Go on and call my dramatic, but I'm 99.9% sure the bulk of you couldn't handle this level … Continue reading six years

foster care + triggers

so today (well i guess technically yesterday now, it's 1:19AM) i completed my third foster care training class - only 7 more left! anyways, this class was all about loss and grieving and the stages we go through. we obviously first spoke about different situations for children and how they are affected and may be … Continue reading foster care + triggers