flood gates

well hey there, it's been a hot minute huh? things have been .. stressful to say the least. i'm feeling extremely challenged in all ways, always - mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, you name it. of course my own health is suffering even more because of this stress and even though i know it is affecting … Continue reading flood gates


foster care + triggers

so today (well i guess technically yesterday now, it's 1:19AM) i completed my third foster care training class - only 7 more left! anyways, this class was all about loss and grieving and the stages we go through. we obviously first spoke about different situations for children and how they are affected and may be … Continue reading foster care + triggers

food pt. 2 : celery juice

celery juice has quickly become a huge trend brought on by the 'medical medium,' Anthony William. since he was young, he has been able to communicate with the 'spirit of compassion' whom is able to give him health information in which he shares with others to help them heal and overcome different illnesses and diseases. … Continue reading food pt. 2 : celery juice

bad luck + affirmations

so, this past week was straight up NO BUENO. it started with my first ever car accident and ended with my second ever car accident. talk about BAD LUCK - but okay, thankfully, i was incredibly lucky because i wasn't injured and neither were either of the other drivers ... but still holy stress, tears, … Continue reading bad luck + affirmations